QLASSIC Awareness & Assessor Training

About Us

We are an independent Building Inspection Company with many years of experiences in Building inspection Industry, CONQUAS Assessment & QLASSIC Consultation. We have been provided many Quality Trainings for Property Developers, Contractors and Homebuyers. Today, we have inspected more than 3,000 properties throughout the country.

We specialise in building Quality and would not tolerate any Quality matters that we affect our Quality Service.


As a Certified QLASSIC Trainer, we provide QLASSIC Awareness & Assessor Courses to equip participants with the knowledge and understanding on the QLASSIC Assessment, quality standards specified as well as to equip a person with the initial knowledge and skills as a competent QLASSIC Assessor. Also, we provide QLASSIC Practical Assessment Training for those who wish to equip their skills in actual field works.

Courses available

  • QLASSIC Awareness Training (CIDB CCD Point)
  • QLASSIC Assessor Training (CIDB CCD Point)
  • QLASSIC Practical Assessment Training