With more than 20 years of experience in Construction Quality Assessment, Canaan Building Inspection was established and founded by Sr Joshua Kang and his team in the year 2012. Today, we have inspected more than 20,000 houses/buildings nationwide. Our inspectors are all professionally trained and certified.

As a pioneer in the Building Inspection Industry, we have inspected and trained many individuals as QLASSIC Assessors and home inspectors.

Also, as a former technical committee of Construction Industry Standard (CIS 7) at CIDB, Sr Joshua Kang has been setting up the Home Buyers Manual for CIDB and the industry.


To be the nation’s Pre-eminent Building Inspector and Quality Assessment Consultant


Our Clients

To deliver superior quality professional services to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our People

To empower and guide our people towards personal and professional growth in their personality and career development.



We promise to uphold our professional integrity, transparency and ethics at all times in delivering our professional services.


We are passionate in seeking new technologies and develop new strategies to enhance the quality of the building industry.


We aim to be the pioneer and benchmark in the building inspection and construction quality industry. Nurturing, developing and enriching the right people who will be able to deliver the best professional services

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