No building is perfect. There are definitely some defects or imperfection in building. It is recommended to carry out the defects inspection and capture the sub-standard of works prior to any renovation works. You can decide to tolerate and accept the sub-standard of works. But, it is the home buyer’s right and our duty to identify and demand for the Quality of works that we deserved.


Building Audit & Building Condition Inspection

Regular and periodical Building Audit and Building Condition Inspection are to ensure the building is sound & safe and the M&E Systems are functioning well.  A regular Building Audit is able to detect the possible latent defects and M&E systems failure in advance.  Meanwhile, prior the expire of the Defects Liability Period (DLP), it is strongly recommended to have the common areas such as lift lobbies, RC flat roof, facilities floor, corridors, car park floors, swimming pool, perimeter fencing and etc inspected to prevent the huge rectification costs after the DLP.   

Dilapidation Survey

Prior commencement of a construction project, condition of the surrounding buildings needs to be examined and inspected to protect the interest of the building owners as well as the contractor.  This is to prevent unnecessary dispute arise during the construction or after the completion of the project.  We have been involved in many dilapidation surveys for mega projects such as LRT3, MRT 1 & 2 and other infrastructure and development projects.