We provide an independent Construction Quality Consultation throughout the construction progress. Our Construction Quality Team will act as an independent auditor to monitor the works quality and highlight the arising quality issues at site from time to time. The scope of audit cover Structural works, M&E Works, Architectural Works as well as the External Works

Construction Quality Consultation

In-Process Construction Quality Audit

Quality is a process and not just a product.  In order to achieve the desirable quality and target Quality rating, an In-Process Construction Quality Audit is an essential.  We provide an independent Quality Audit throughout the construction stages to monitor the handling of materials , in-process checklists, construction sequence, workmanship and testing to ensure the quality of the project has not been compromised.

Our In-Process Audit includes the Structural Works, M&E Works, Architectural Works and External Works.  Random samples will be selected at the different stages of construction works to monitor and ensure the quality of the on-going works. 

Mock up Unit Quality Assessment

In order to set up the benchmark of the quality, setting up mock up units during construction period is a must.  To ensure the sequence of works is in order, to capture all the detailing of the works and termination are proper, and to finalise the acceptable workmanship standard, mock up unit(s) need to be established prior to the mass construction.  We provide an independent and professional quality assessment to the mock-up unit(s) to ensure the workmanship and targeted quality rating is achieved.  On-site briefing, e-report and quality rating will be presented to record the non-compliances and areas of improvement in our mock-up unit(s) assessment.

Rectification and re-assessment are allowed in our Mock-up Unit(s) Assessment to ensure the desirable and targeted quality standard is achieved.

Independent Project Quality (CONQUAS/QLASSIC) Assessment

Under the official CONQUAS / QLASSIC Project Assessment, there is only ONE (1) assessment allowed upon completion of the project.  Re-assessment is NOT ALLOWED by CONQUAS /QLASSIC Assessment.  Therefore, prior to the final project assessment, it is recommended to have an independent 3rd party assessment to gauge and evaluate the quality of a project. 

The scope of our Independent Project Quality Assessment covers Architectural Works (Internal & External Finishes), External Works and Basic M&E Fittings.   Re-assessment and rectification are allowed in our independent assessment.

Quality Verification and Setting up Quality Standard / Manual

Facing issues with the tremendous complains from homebuyers?  Need an independent professional party to justify and evaluate the quality issues raised?  We provide an independent Quality Assessment based on case to case basis and provide service to set up an independent Quality Standard and Quality Manual for the different range of products.

Interested to have specific quality standard and manual for your project instead of following the CIS 7?  We provide a consultation service to assist to set up a new Quality Manual and setting up an independent Quality Standard for your projects.